Convert Pantone to RAL and vice versa

Ever had the need to convert RAL to Pantone colors and vice versa?

Than look no further than another post on my website On this website I have a huge list where you search the value you already have and the value from the other color system that matches the best. Also there is a commenting option so if what you search is not there, just ask me and I will look it up for you. Check out my article on:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please DO NOT drop your requests in the comments on this website. I will not answer them since this is my blog only. If you do wish to receive help go to

18 thoughts on “Convert Pantone to RAL and vice versa

  1. unable to get the RAL code for pantone below:
    Please help
    red (Pantone 032C)
    Blue (Pantone 293C)
    Green (Pantone 355C)

  2. Please convert for me the PMS code 381 to a RAL code??
    Will that be possible to do before friday the 30th of november 2012?

    Many thanks for your help,


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